Illegal Dumping of Garbage on the curb in front of this property. Archived

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City of Alameda


Illegal Dumping of Garbage


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trash, drain problem


This property is a total disaster. People drive up in their cars and dump stuff on the property, which owner collects, then holds garage sales, fixes cars and dumps the oil in the drain. How much longer is the city allowing this to happen to this property? If a car is parked more than 72 hrs they get a ticket however, this property collects JUNK, FIXES CARS, TAKE A WALK BY THE PROPERTY. Maybe the property owner is friends with someone in the city and therefore he does not get fined. I have called code enforcement and the police and nothing happens. Why is person not fined or summons? I thought if you do business in your home and in city of Alameda you needed a license or a permit which he does not have. What is the next step?

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Q. What was dumped?
A. tires, computer parts, all different used car parts, chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, recycled stuff, wood boards, pipes and the list goes on and on. You name it he's got it.


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