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Over the years I have called several times about cracked and heaved sidewalks in front of my house and, in general, on upper Scarff Ave. I have seen the elderly and children trip on them. Your response has been to crudely chip away at the cement, still leaving quite a bit of unevenness which still causes people to trip. It would be best to repave the sidewalks. However, in the interim, you can "shave" them better as you have done on the sidewalks in front of the Fletcher Free Library. "Shaving" the concrete at least somewhat lessens the chances of tripping and is certainly more aesthetic than what you did on Scarff Ave. As a taxpayer I would hope you would address this situation ASAP before someone gets badly hurt. Thank you, Casimir Danielski (

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Q. Problem with sidewalks:
A. Cracked/broken/ heaved surface

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