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This house located at 1111 62nd St N has been an eye sore for over 5 years now. Any issues that arise with the property are not fixed until a complaint is filed with Code Compliance.

This complaint is addressing the maintenance and well being of the home itself. For the past 7 years at least the home has been Stucco'd and never painted or completed. On several occasions I have spoke with the owner about painting his home and even volunteering to assist with painting the home myself. The owner has refused to do anything to maintain this rental property of his. The condition of the house continues to be a topic of discussion amongst home owners in the neighborhood who maintain and upkeep their properties. Everyone is fed up with the eye sore this home has become and the lack of upkeep the home owner display.

There are a lot of code violations going on at this residence that could be address if you have the time. Besides the unfinished paint, they fence is disrepair, there are overgrown trees and garbage thrown about the yard as if the yard is a huge trash can.

Any and all help is appreciated in addressing these matters.

The Home Owner Who Cares

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