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Illegal dumping Acknowledged

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Illegal dumping


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Parkway-South Sacramento



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There numerous garbage cans that do not belong to any residents on the street that are filled to capacity with garbage. There is black homeless woman who is responsible for all the mess on the street. She has a four or five green garbage cans set up around the sidewalk where she camps and hangs out all day. The waste management is not dumping the cans because they are filled with the wrong kinds of material and because they do not belong to the residents on the street. Because they are not being dumped, we are left with a street lined with overflowing cans of garbage. its awful to look at and awful to smell. Something must be done about this woman who has been out there for some time. It ridiculous.. Thank you.

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A. Numerous garbage cans from other areas line the street overflowing with trash.

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