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Pothole, road obstruction, and no 4-way stop at 17th and Fair Oaks Open

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There are two issues at the intersection of 17th and Fair Oaks. First, there is a large crack in the pavement. The crack creates a pothole, root like obstruction for all who go through the intersection. This is even more of an issue when you're on bike as it unsafe, potentially derailing riders as they have slow to navigate every time they pass. The second issue is that there is not a 4-way stop at the intersection. Bikers and cars do not know how to interact coming from and to Middlefield as there is already a stop sign from the 17th side. It is really unsafe for bikers and cars as each actors behavior is not predictable. This is really unsafe for bikers and cars. I bike through here daily several times and see issue and after issue.

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