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Some time on 6-18-17 the building lock boxes at 173 Julian Ave and 169 Julian Ave were vandelized.  The same crime was committed on the same two lock boxes within the  recent past.  The key was taken from the lock box on both occasions at 173 Julian Ave.  The property owner of 173 Julian has changed the locks both times.  At this time the INSIDE of 173 Julian does not  appear to have been entered or vandelized by the suspect(s).  The 6 apts at 173 Julian Ave do NOT appear to have been burglarized.  All 6 units  of 173 Julian Ave are occupied by paying tennants.  One black male adult was seen walking on the sidewalk past 173 Julian Ave numerous times by the property owner who was in the area for 6 hrs changing the locks. Per myself, The BMA is homeless or asscoated with another black male adult who is homeless and owns a very very large container of personal items and sleeps outside  in a chair at the tent city near the front of St Johns Church on Julian at 15th St.  A Lt at Mission Station was notified.  Per his statement SFPD will look for Cameras in the area.  Lt was advised that the produce mkt on 16th at Julian has a camera.  Other cameras may be in the area. More passing cars were requested on Julian between 16th and 15th st. from dusk to dawn.  Maybe other lock boxes in the area were forced open and/or vandelized.  There have been no witnesses located to the lock box break in at 173 Julian Ave. at this time.  It it believed that residents of the homeless encampment on Julian Ave at 15th St in front of St Johns Church are the subjects responsible.  A Private Investigator had been hired to find the subjects(s) responsonle for the damage to the lock box at 173 Julian Ave. to prevent further damage and bring the subject (s) to justice for felony vandelism.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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