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"Special Permit Required for..." THESE PARKING SIGNS ON EDWARDS STREET MISLED ME. They do not look like at all like the other signs I find throughout the city when I am looking for a parking space. The coloring is different... The word "parking" is down at the end of the instructions... I dismissed it after glancing and reading the first several words. If I had known that was a parking sign I would have obeyed it. I always obey parking signs; why not? The cost of it is easily avoided. The design of this sign misdirected my attention. I was looking for parking on snow plowed streets in an area that I was not used to, in order to attend a funeral at the First Baptist Church of New Haven. Let's be fair to law-abiding citizens and make the special permit signs with a similar appearance to other parking signs that are posted throughout the city. It would be especially helpful if the signage started with the word "PARKING" or "NO PARKING." For instance: "Parking by Special Permit Only..." I imagine the Parking Desk receives payment from more tickets on this street than any other comparable street that does NOT have the misdirecting signs. This is probably due to many people making the same innocent mistake as I just made. I suggest these signs be changed in order to respect those citizens who try to do their best. Make it clear form first glance that this is a parking sign. Thank you. I appreciate your time.

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