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Shelton Riverwalk Neglect Continues... Open

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I am so saddened to see Shelton seems to have "taken it's eye off the ball" when it comes to the all so important river walk. This photo was taking during a recent walking tour/inspection.

As you can see, the pole lights under the portion of the walkway that passes under Route 8 have been destroyed. EVERY one of them has had the lights smashed out of them. On the other side (on Canal) more are smashed and one has been torn out of the ground only leaving the base.

That's not to mention the endless graffiti which is invited by the lack of lighting.

I can't fathom how a member of the group that oversees the walk or any member of Shelton's government hasn't seen this and realized it's a nightmare waiting to happen. Not only is this dark secluded area an invitation to a mugging or crime... now it's not being maintained or lighted.

The river walk route should never have taken this end under route 8 and around a bridge support back to the sidewalk where cars can't see what's happening. It should have turned before it got to the bridge and crossed the lawn to the sidewalk on Canal. However, too late now.

I realize that if Shelton puts new lights up someone is going to smash them again unless police have a 24 watch which isn't reasonable.

SO before someone is seriously injured or, far worse, a body is discovered since no passing cars would see someone being attacked in this spot I hope Shelton will QUICKLY either move to re-route the walk Canal a safer way or find a solution that provides lighting that can't be destroyed.. even if mounted to the bottom of the bridge and weekly cleanup of graffiti. Yes, we know that means permission from the state one would think communication has already started since these lights have been out for months.

It's either a solution now or a major lawsuit when someone is hurt that will cost Shelton far more.

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