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It's very disappointing and demoralizing how little responsibility the New Haven police take for modeling good traffic behavior in our city. For example, just this week I've seen: an officer pull his car through a crosswalk, look straight at an adolescent boy waiting to cross the street, yet still pull out and drive away (I just watched this happen- plate 116); an officer use his lights to run a red light to then just pull into a parking lot and park; two right on reds when signs are posted saying that doing so is illegal; speeding without lights or siren; pulling into crosswalks while pedestrians are waiting to cross (elderly, pregnant, and baby carriage- doesn't matter!); flying around a stopped car that has stopped at a crosswalk to let people cross, nearly hitting the people in the crosswalk; and finally I saw an officer put his lights on to take a left on green ahead of a school bus, only to then block the bus in the backed up traffic (if the officer had waited his turn, the bus would have made its way with the children inside but instead sat through two light changes until it could go).

Can we please change this? This city is full of rude and dangerous drivers. It's essential that the police not participate and deliver the message that it's all a wash, that it's not meaningful to insist on and expect basic manners on the streets.


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