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A Modern Day Hooverville Acknowledged

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Illegal Dumping


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This is a modern day Hooverville. This should not be happening on the fringes of one of the richest cities in America. It is an outrage. If the structures of our culture have failed so many people that there's a shanty town on the sidewalk then the city needs to acknowledge the problem and create a space for them to camp that includes services like trash removal and toilets rather than just allowing these sidewalk camps to spread. It's reached the point where pedestrian access is completely blocked and piles of garbage are blocking a whole lane of traffic. These people aren't just the few that fall through the cracks they are an entire community. They are people who have been evicted and lost work and have nowhere to go. This is not normal! I understand that this situation is complicated and hard for the city to deal with but it should not just be ignored. We have been so patient with this but it keeps getting worse and as months pass it's having a very negative effect on our community. We don't want the cops to come in and break it up, it just forms again a day later on the other side of the street. We want these people to be given a place to be, some dignity and basic services.

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