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Fitchburg, MA


Sanitary Sewage (wastewater) Issue


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Q. Is the issue one of the following (select one)?
A. Other Issue
Q. If not one of the previous sewer-related issues, please describe the issue briefly:
A. Sewer odors.....and water coming from sewer manhole.
Q. Please describe the location of the issue you are reporting (nearest street address, intersection of streets, etc.):
A. Location is near to the City/Town line with Lunenburg, MA.
Q. Is the caller reporting one of the following (select)?
A. No Answer Given
Q. If caller is reporting a sewer backup, sanitary overflow from a manhole, or combined sewer outfall discharge, ask the caller for the location description (sewer backup address, nearest street address or streets intersection to overflow or outfall discharge).
A. No Answer Given

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