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382-450 Massachusetts Avenue Fitchburg, Massachusetts Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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Fitchburg, MA


Sanitary Sewage (wastewater) Issue


325 jeer



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Wax sharraxaad ah aan bixin.

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S. Is the issue one of the following (select one)?
J. Other Issue
S. If not one of the previous sewer-related issues, please describe the issue briefly:
J. Sewer odors.....and water coming from sewer manhole.
S. Please describe the location of the issue you are reporting (nearest street address, intersection of streets, etc.):
J. Location is near to the City/Town line with Lunenburg, MA.
S. Is the caller reporting one of the following (select)?
J. Wax Jawaab ah lama Bixin
S. If caller is reporting a sewer backup, sanitary overflow from a manhole, or combined sewer outfall discharge, ask the caller for the location description (sewer backup address, nearest street address or streets intersection to overflow or outfall discharge).
J. Wax Jawaab ah lama Bixin

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