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I want to anonymously file a complaint about abandoned vehicles on my street. There is a matte black two door car that has the hood tied down with a bungee cord and no license plate. It has been parked by my neighbors house for several weeks. However since I have not seen them or their car I can only assume it is abandoned there. Also, in the yard of that house there is a two door red car that has been there about a year. Again with me not seeing the neighbors there anymore I believe this car has also been abandoned. The street is Kelmscot Ct (28303) down close to the cul de sac.

This needs to PLEASE stay anonymous as I know that there are shady dealings that go on at a house in the cul de sac and if these cars are related to any one there I do not want any trouble coming from this as I do have small children that play outside. I just wanted someone to be aware of these cars especially since they do not have licenses plates.

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