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Every morning on my bike ride to work cars will pull in front of me and park directly in the bike lane in front of the Wake County Justice Center, which has no parking signs the entire length of the curb. The security guard stationed outside of the building has never once told cars to move. Last week there was a box truck unloading for at least 10 minutes and the security guard did not tell the driver of the truck to move out of the bike lane. I confronted the security guard about it and he told me it is his job to get cars to move but that they never listen to him. I asked why he doesn't say anything to the drivers parking in the no parking zone/bike lane and he said if I had an issue to take it up with the folks inside the building. Please create new signage or a physical barrier or replace the security guard with one who will keep drivers from cutting off bikers and making one of the few designated bike lanes in Raleigh the most dangerous part of my commute.


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