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Sorry, must have missed the cut-off date.

Thanks Rebecca Bombero for your response, copied below, and for outlining policies. The point of my original post was that an unusual number of newly planted trees don't survive. I know URI is tremendously overburdened, and perhaps can't water trees adequately. Therefore, I suggested planting fewer trees to alleviate the watering problem (more budget can go to watering), and trees will have better chance for survival.

Regarding pests, you are correct to select for variety. However, the streets are not forests. Streets with the same variety are more magnificent. Wondering if it might be possible to identify the most resilient varieties (red [fall color], white or bur oaks, lindens, etc.) and stick to them. At one time New Haven was the "Elm City" sticking to that variety. Maybe it could become the "Oak City."

Just some thoughts - Robert

Thanks for your suggestion. 1/3 of our Capital budget does go to tree planting we try to have as many trees planted as we remove. The rest of the capital budget goes to removals and trimming. Unfortunately, we have more requests each year than we have the capacity to meet so we can't commit more.

For tree plantings we work with URI to identify a volunteer steward for each tree planted who ensures that the trees are watered for the first three years of establishment. This model has a significantly higher survival rate than other methods. Unfortunately there are many other stresses on trees. We also work on a 5/5 rule - in no year no more than 20% of a tree planted will be from the same genius. Of that 20% no more than 20% will be from the same species to help reduce the likelihood of loosing an entire street from one of those stresses like the emerald ash borer or dutch elm.

The image you included looks like Oranges street, not Chapel. Please let us know the correct address in a new posting so we can make sure we have the tree inspected.

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