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Parking enforcement is wholly inconsistent and unfair on Forrest. We have a number of babysitters who come on different days and I can't possibly register each of their plates for the visitor "pass", each time they come. Instead, I give them a paper notice to place on their dashboard to alert the officer. Up until last week, no sitter had ever been ticketed and so I assumed this method was working. Now that a ticket was issued last week, I went to the borough office to inquire and get the ticket reversed assuming that residents get exceptions/understanding. The opposite applied. Point is - if ticketing enforcement was consistent (and "systematic" as I was told) then our sitters would have received a ticket a long time ago. It's completely unfair that downtown visitors, yoga students, train commuters get to park in front of my house (all day illegally, ticket or no ticket) and I have to park at the middle to the end of the street with two toddlers and groceries/bags. And now, I have to pay my babysitters' tickets. Either enforce the parking laws or refund my ticket out of principle.


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