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Illegal Dumping


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For over half a year now a garbage pile continues to grow and expand on Claremont Avenue under the Highway 24 overpass near Hudson Street. I understand that this started out as a shopping cart of homeless possessions, but now it is truly just one big garbage dump that spans over half a city block. This is directly across from Frog Park where neighborhood kids like to play. I don't understand why the city allows this to grow and refuses to do anything about it (I know of multiple neighbors that continue to call about this on a regular basis with no response). More recently, the garbage pile includes multiple full Waste Management garbage bins that were taken from Rockridge residents. As a neighborhood resident that pays a monthly fee for garbage pick up, this doesn't make sense. Maybe we should all stop paying Waste Management and just haul our garbage over to Claremont Avenue and add it to the would save us a lot of money and it appears that the city is okay with this. Why can't we do better Oakland? Please respond and clean up this health hazard.

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