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The town of Madison is closing a city street, eliminating a strand of age old trees, and almost doubling the size of the Town Garage. The town took this action without actively informing the residents. On March 30th, a special town meeting was held to discuss this issue, but no one came to the meeting because no one was aware of it! The meeting was held with no vote due to lack of attendance, and the result was the closing of a street.

The action of closing a street in this manner lacks integrity on the part of the town. Shouldn't the people be clearly informed on matters like this that affect their neighborhood? Shame on the First Selectman, Filmore McPherson, for not trying to inform residents and give them a chance to have a voice concerning their neighborhood.

Bridge Street is being shut down as of June 1st. Currently, 100+ year old trees are being cut down to build a garage. Please call Filmore McPherson if you want your voice heard, He can be reached at (203)245-5602.

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