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A tree fell three months ago and its upturned roots destroyed 6 feet of the roadway for a width of 30 feet. I posted a see click fix request immediately (#721326), and have followed up with the engineering department no less than 6 times, with NO RESPONSE! The street is still a hazard, the drainage situation will flood the adjacent property, and has flooded it during rains, and there are two parking spots completely gone. Additionally and the turn-around in the cul-de-sac is greatly narrowed by this collapse, and no longer allows emergency vehicles a turn-around. The city has only provided barricades (In May) with no additional information or response, despite all the effort to email the engineering team directly for three months (Mohamed, Mahendra, and Edward). Please advise when the city will take action on this issue, as remains a hazard, and will only worsen with the first rain.

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Q. STOP, Please Call 510-615-5566. This type of issue is a possible emergency situation. SeeClickFix is not intended for emergency reporting in the City of Oakland and may cause our response to be delayed.
A. I have read this and know to call 510-615-5566 instead

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