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38-40 McKinley Ave. is a low income house house owned by City of Bridgeport. The tenants there consistently throw out old furniture near to their garbage cans & think the trash collectors will pick it up on trash day & they don't!,,and it sits & sits,. This time they have a dresser of sorts & another wooden piece of furniture on the side of the house where the electric meters are & these 2 pieces of furniture need removed PLEASE. There are nails of some sort sticking out of them & when these storms suddenly blow through, the 1 piece the other night almost blew into a new car sitting in the lot at 52 McKinley. Maybe somebody needs to tel these people that the trash collectors do NOT pick up furniture, too, and they need to remove it themselves or let YOU know. They are constantly doing this over there. PLease pass by and remove the 2 pieces of furniture they have now thrown out on the side of the house at 38-40 McKinley, Appreciate you removing all the other furniture they had piled on the sidewalk a coule of weeks ago.

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