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Most of the drivers of the Red bus' are friendly, courteous and consideration. However, there is one bus driver who often drives the No. 1 bus in the afternoon (he's a white guy, but I dont know his name). He is very rude, never says a word to customers, and always stops the bus at least one bus length either before or after where the passengers are standing (so we have to walk to him). He takes forever to drive up the island. One day he took half an hour to drive from the octagon to the subway (even was passed by another bus), stopping for at least 3 minutes at each bus stop even when most people were not there. It got to the point that many people on the bus were yelling at him to hurry up! Yesterday he almost ran me over as I was crossing the pedestrian crossing at Gristedes. He drove the bus up fast which made me step back off the crossing and waved his finger at me to suggest he had right of way. If I wasnt looking to see if he would stop he would have hit me. As I said most of the drivers are great but this guy has an attitude problem and gives the red bus a bad name.

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