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My yard is getting flooded out by several possible reasons. Acknowledged

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Water Runoff / Draining / Flooding


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Lately with the hard rains, the water has been coming down Bonnett Ave NE really bad. Its been running in to my yard clear down to my foundation and my lower patio. I don't need any damages with this water getting into my basement.
Also, there now are down spouts on the house behind my house in the alley but address is 1528 Bonnet Ave. NE, the water from this house is coming off the down spouts right onto the alley which also is running into my yard. We watched it and I also have some pics of my yard, water would run off the alley down under our shed onto that concete slab, in turn ran across the slab by my foundation.
Please something needs done. Home owners does not cover this. I don't need any damages or problems. I left a note for the home owner but I got a reply from someone else that's been doing work on this house, they were building a deck on the back, they were not going to help me with this matter, said they could not hook up to the city storm sewer because there wasn't one...??
Shouldn't every house be able to hook up to a storm sewer, that wouldn't destroy or damage someone yard, foundation, patios, etc....I know ours is??
Please help me.


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