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Land Developer not taking care of roads causes mail delivery issues for residents Open

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On March 30th of this year all of the residents of Ocean Trail 2 Subdivision in Supply NC recieved a letter from the Post Master stating that mail will no longer be delivered to our subdivision because of the condition of the roads. I contacted the D.O.T. and Brunswick County, I was advised that according to the by-laws of the subdivision, the owner, Mr. Virgil Roberts of Holden Beach N.C. is responsible for maintaining the roads. I sent Mr. Roberts a certified letter regarding this problem on 4/01/2010. He signed for the certified letter and has not responded to me yet, it has been a month. Our roads are still in disrepair and our mail will cease to be delivered at the end of this month. Mr. Roberts is a land developer who purchased the land in the 80's, he subdivided the property and had is deeded as a private subdivision, he cut a path through the property, assigned resrictive covenants and then put up for sale signs. According to the neighbors Mr. Roberts has done nothing since . We moved to Ocean Trail 2 subdivision in 2006; and did not recieved a copy of the restrictive covenants, however according to Brunswick County Tax Dept. the covenants it states, "the owner of this subdivision would continue to maintain the roads." This is not happening, the neighborhood is doing our best to keep the roads passable. Rescently, a large area of land within the subdivision was sold to a church. Now not only are we having a large number of 18 wheeler's full of lumber going up & down our roads making the roads worse, but the church refuses to fix the roads! I have reached the end of my rope and we are getting to the point now where we are almost out of options, this is my last plea. Someone please help our community! Mr. Robbins is a successful land developer who has collected a lot of money from the residents of this subdivision, he just refuses to hold up his end of the bargain! If he brings the road conditions up then the state will maintain them! He just will not help us, in fact he is ignoring us!

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