Resident encroaching, keeping animals on city property. Open

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Middletown, CT


Zoning Violation


2004 times






Resident is encroaching, has erected fencing, is keeping animals and dumping on the city-owned property behind his/her residence. The city-owned property in question is the wooded area that marks the southwest boundary of the Pat Kidney / Woodrow Wilson park complex.

There is an unsightly wooden coup structure housing animals (either chickens or rabbits), all sorts of junk dumped and strewn about at the wood line. Of particular nuisance is a dog house and pen which houses several noisy dogs that are constantly barking and disrupting the neighborhood day and night. Abutting neighbors can't even use their own back yards without being barked at aggressively.

The city property in this area is land locked and may be difficult to access, if that is an issue please message me and I'd be happy to provide access.

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Q. Please check the type of zoning violation.
A. Unpermitted Use

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