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Treasure Island, FL


Street Light


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Treasure Island



street light


Months ago when the new bright, bright LED streetlights were being installed, mention was made on this site of the lights likely not being compliant with the ordinances concerning lighting and turtle hatchlings. The answer given was that they would be checked for that. Apparently no one ever did that because the lights at the locations listed above are very, very bright and visible from a turtle hatchling's level on the beach. I know - I checked . To hatchlings they would look just like a very bright moon, toward which they would head. These lights SHOULD BE REPLACED. Who do we have to notify if the city is not going to take care of this? Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission? Clearwater Marine?

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Q. Street Light Problem?
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A. streetlights on W. Gulf at 77th Ave., 78th Ave., 79th Ave. & 79th Ter.
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