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On Monday May 3, 2010 a teacher at Shelby High School loses his temper and throws a book at a student and hits him on his leg Archived

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On Monday May 3, 2010 a teacher by the name of loses his temper in class in front of all his students and threw a book at a 16yr old sohpmore student and hit him on his leg. I am that student's perent and I am outraged that school officials would allow this to happen. I have had several meetings with school officials about this incident but it seems as though nothing is being done about it. I can't see how school officials would punish a student if this happened the other way around but will let a teacher get away with it!!!! I have tried everything I know of to get to the bottom of this but I'm getting no answers. I feel like this was assault on my child and the school is just letting the teacher get away with it. I'm asking WBTV to please investigate this matter so that this or something worse won't happen to another student.

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