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Sidewalk/Curb Repair


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Recent demolition of public sidewalk as part of driveway removal/re-surfacing by owner located at 761 42ND Ave N, zoning district NT1. Existing sidewalk replaced by 9x9x2 inch bricks to match new driveway and driveway apron. It is specified by the City of St. Petersburg’s Division of Development Review Services PDF pamphlet titled driveway_packet – RESIDENTIAL DRIVEWAYS – that:

“…the portion of the sidewalk that crosses the driveway shall have a consistent finish and color as the abutting sidewalk and be visually delineated with expansion joints.”

Furthermore, the PDF document from the City of St. Petersburg Engineering Department titled ROADWAY_DETAILS_S20 detailing CITY STANDARDS, and specifically drawing number S20-22 SIDEWALK AND DRIVEWAY CONSTRUCTION DETAIL specifies a 4” thick concrete sidewalk.

Nowhere in any document is it suggested or stated that that these standards are “optional”. If permits were issued, it would seem they were obtained either from false detailing or inadequate vetting.

also asked...
Q. Location of sidewalk/curb issue?
A. 761 42nd Ave N
Q. Is the sidewalk made of hex blocks?
A. No

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