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The road is so unsafe that it needs to be repaired it had some what pavement at one time but the township or someone had it bulldozed and gravel was put down and that was like 5 years ago.
Everytime it rains potholes the size of volkswagen beetles stay there for days because the rain has no where to run and the to make matters worse when the cement company (Delaware Valley Concrete) come back with left over cement, they rinse out the cylinder that holds the concrete into a basin which overfloes and runs into the creek which goes into the red clay.
I have made mention to this to Chriss Ross and he has did the best he can because the township blows smoke up his rear, that this is a private road and all but I have seen over hte years that Kennett township fixes roads that don't even need it and they fix them every two or three years but they can't even addresss to fix this road.
People park on this road to get drunk, do drugs, even dump their trash because the road is so bad emergency response vehicles have trouble coming down it. The people that live on this road are poor people who pay taxes and cant afford to fix it but if we didn't pay our taxes the township would be foreclosing on homes. I am asking for help and for someone to come look at this road for themselves and to ask themselves if the cement run off is safe for the eco-system or the pot holes the size of tanks are acceptable.
Thomas Manuel

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