White van with combination plate but still logo about all regular cuts kids stage low-cut – commercial vehicle vehicle parked in a residential space for over five weeks has not moved from one @#$% space Archived

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This white van with a combination plate but commercial logo has been parked in this one spot for six weeks. Has not moved. Cars on city streets need to be driven away and moved every 24 hours. In spite of repeated reports on this car/van the police have not ticketed/towed done anything with it. So glad I am paying very high taxes to live in the north end to look at this commercial vehicle, and I checked with my lawyer because it has logo all over it is a commercial vehicle and is also an abandoned vehicle because we keep telling the police he has not moved in six weeks park here. What the hell do we have to do to get any services in the north end of Bridgeport? If this was Fairfield, Trumbull, Shelton, Westport, Milford, Stratford anywhere but Bridgeport, this would've been taken care of within three days – but six weeks later this jerk driving the truck knows he can leave the truck here because the Bridgeport police are going to do nothing about it. I find it interesting that this is 40 feet up the road from where the Sacred Heart student got killed because she tried to cross the street where there were signs posted "no parking here to the corner "but there were multiple cars parked on the blind corner and the police did NOTHING about that either. Her family is suing, and I am supplying multiple info about that and the fact that even now after she got killed, three years later, The police still do not enforce the no parking from here to corner signs. A junior from Sacred Heart got killed and the police are still too passive to enforce parking regulations. We should leave Bridgeport to the illegals and everybody should move to the suburbs when you call the police you actually get some support


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