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This are not new issues this is going on for 4 years jhon turner was involved Acknowledged

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For 4 years I'm call city of St. Petersburg and nothing swerve sre leaking from men holes on streets stormed water not drained including the bathroom are not useable unable to flash take a shower and back yard are filled with human waste including the storm water mixed are reporting that for four years John Turner was involved with I know he's retired and no one take the actions every time in the coldest city of Saint Pete no one do anything with me sending to people with the five trucks 20 people and on lecture me to open my drain and telling me they working on and nothing was done whore entire street having an issue on 10th St. does it even record calling you multiple times every single time and we have a rain in Maine only King on the streets including storm water doesn't drain properly and everything coming in my yard

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Q. Location of problem?
A. 5301 10th st n
Q. Does the issue involve a sewer (wastewater) line?
A. Yes


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