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Traffic Signs


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Please update the no parking signs to NO PARKING ANYTIME ON EMMANCIPATION AVE PLEASE. Cars park in the outer driving lanes of emancipation ave consistently, 24 hours a day, which takes away 2 lanes for driving and makes this major thoroughfare a one lane road. It is SO hazardous for pedestrians entering and exiting cars parked on this major thoroughfare, and encourages people to gather in the middle of the avenue and block traffic. Food trucks also park on this avenue from 9pm-3am and patrons form lines which extend into the street and block traffic. There have already been injurys and deaths at emancipation ave @ wentworth street. Please protect the homeowners, pedestrians, and drivers in this area from future injury with no parking anytime signs.

also asked...
Q. What is your area of concern?
A. Sign Needed - Traffic Signs.
Q. Why is this a concern?
A. Current no parking signs posted on emancipation ave between wheeler and southmore are only no parking from 4-6pm. This street is a hazard ANYTIME, and the signs need to be no parking ANYTIME.
Q. What type of sign missing/damaged?
A. No Parking
Q. What direction were you traveling?
A. South

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