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City of St. Petersburg


Pothole / Road Surface Issue


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Large depression has gotten larger, while the issue has been reported more than 6 months ago at the intersection of 28th St and 30th Ave. N. For almost a year this problem has been developing and almost causing several accidents that I've seen, since people have learned of this dangerous depression and have been pushing their luck going into other lanes... "Acknowledging" this issue, or state that this is part of some future project, is not a solution... But when is this "supposed" project planned for? 2040? Everyone's talking about sewers, when the rest of the infrastructure is also falling apart and being ignored. Please fix this before a year's anniversary of this problem being reported, and before a head on collision happens with a truck (since this is a truck route as well).

also asked...
Q. Location of pothole?
A. middle of intersection, drive the speed limit northbound on 28th st, can't miss it
Q. Is this a large depression in the road?
A. Yes

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