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TRAFFIC ENG: Sign Installation


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I initially requested this through SCF and was told to contact the Dept of Transportation because Vineville is a state route. I was told by a supervisor at Ga DoT that they would ONLY respond to a request from the city/county. They said they would not even study the issue based only on my request. I am requesting that the City/County recommend to GaDot that the two 45 mph speed limit signs located on northbound Vineville Avenue at Belvedere and across from the block between Euclid and Rest Haven be changed to 35 mph. There is actually a 35mph sign at Lake Terrace on south bound Vineville, directly across from the 45 mph sign at Belvedere. Why would traffic one direction have a different speed limit than the other direction? Maybe it is just a mistake? Other reasons to reduce from 45 to 35 mph: 1) the rest of Vineville is either 35 mph or even 30 mph including just a 1/2 mile before these signs; 2) this is a residential area with homes with children and pets and numerous intersecting streets (just in this half mile block there is Riverdale, Berkley, Rest Haven, Euclid and Roycrest) and driveways (for homes and professional Offices ); 3) the interchangeable middle lane on Vineville is already a risk for accidents (especially people turning left from the right lane when the middle lane is going their direction) so having an increased speed limit on any portion of it is highly inadvisable, because cars need to be driving slowly enough to respond to cars not acting consistently with the traffic for that time of day; 4) it makes sense to have the speed limit increase to 45 after the intersection/traffic signal with Forest Hill and Park Street - when it becomes Forsyth Rd and is five lanes, but not within 1/2 mile of that intersection, when Vineville is still 3 lanes and cars should be preparing to stop at that intersection; 5) this is already a busy intersection and there is an ambulance dispatch center right next to the Flash Foods, so cars are often needing to yield to the ambulance entering the intersection, even when they have a green light. I would also like to request that the City/County ask the Ga DOT to put a 35 mph speed limit sign on south bound Vineville Avenue at the intersection with Rest Haven. The far right lane ends abruptly at this point and cars are often trying to merge back into traffic. Indeed, more than once cars have run into and knocked down the telephone pole at the end of Rest Haven (and large yellow and black hazard signs have been placed there to help people keep from doing this). The first 35 mph sign on Vineville does not appear until Lake Terrace. For all the reasons I stated above, I believe the speed limit on Vineville should be no more than 35 mph over this entire 1/2 mile stretch, in both directions and more prominently marked as such. I would like to request that Macon/Bibb Traffic Engineering ask GaDOT to make this change. Thank you.

also asked...
Q. Provide exact location, please.
A. Vineville Avenue Northbound between Belvedere and Rest Haven
Q. To the best of your knowledge, is there a history of accidents at this location?
A. Yes
Q. What type of sign are your requesting?
A. Speed Limit

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