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Merging at 309 & Ridgeview - ridiculous! Open

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traffic, road safety


Every day around 5:30pm it's backed up on 309 N at this intersection due to the short green light and merging traffic at Ridgeview. The green light is too short for those heading N on 309, and the area to merge after the Right lane ends is far too small. Drivers are constantly speeding on the Left lane to cut off those on the Right lane who are already in the correct lane (Left lane ends). And I'm not sure why there are stripes and the word "NO" on the right shoulder. If drivers could drive on that shoulder to turn right onto Ridgeview (by Mack trucks) it would also speed traffic. Some of the trucks are so slow, which slows down everyone in the right lane. They should make the right lane Right Turn Only, and have the right lane end instead of the left lane after the intersection. This way, traffic would continue to flow past the intersection instead of having to slow down because of people turning right. They also need to make the green light longer at 309 and Walbert, b/c that gets backed up too.

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