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I am a concerned motorist that frequently uses the southbound I-15 to 650 N off-ramp. I believe that clarification of the intended traffic pattern is needed on the right-hand turn lanes coming off the southbound I-15 off-ramp.
I frequently get off the freeway and turn right from the middle lane of the southbound off-ramp of I-15, only to have someone from the right lane turn wide and cut in front of me in the intersection to get into the left turn lane to turn south on main street. Motorists attempting to do this have nearly caused an accident on more than one occasion. Motorists sometimes attempt to do this during heavy traffic and block the traffic flow while they try to maneuver into the left turn lane. I have witnessed these problems often before the new right turn lane was created, and the new pattern has only seemed to make the maneuvering of vehicles into the left turn lane a more frequent and dangerous proposition. It has become a near-daily occurrence that one of these motorists cut me off.
Some clarification of the intended traffic flow may help motorists who want to go south on main street realize that the proper place for them to turn from is the middle lane of the off-ramp. Dotted lines in the intersection or signs clarifying traffic pattern may improve traffic flow and decrease risk of an accident. Thank you and I hope to see these improvements soon.

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Q. What direction were you traveling when you noticed a problem?
A. Southbound

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