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Yesterday you received two reports of property neglect through the UDOT Weed Control & Landscape Notification Request form on the UDOT website, one for the house at 3515 S. 5700 W. and the other for the house at 3631 Masters Drive, both in West Valley City. These properties were acquired by UDOT to make way for the Mountain View Corridor and both have been severely and unacceptably neglected. They are a huge eyesore, a public safety hazard, and a seemingly open invitation to criminals.

As you can see from my recent post on the UDOT Facebook page the community is pretty upset about how UDOT has been managing properties acquired for the Mountain View Corridor project. I've attached several photos to show just how bad these two particular properties are. I'm told that the one at 3515 S 5700 W hasn't yet been demolished because of asbestos concerns, but that property and the one on Masters Drive both need to be secured immediately and the properties need to be at least minimally maintained until demolition can proceed. The need to be careful about toxic materials in these old structures is understandable, but it is not acceptable to leave your properties in such disrepair while demolition arrangements are made.
Please let me know as soon as possible what your plans are to resolve this gross negligence.

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