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Signal and Intersection Problem


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There is incredible traffic backed up on N Peachtree to Tilly Mill every morning, and having travelled this route for more than a decade, there is an obvious cause of much of the traffic which can be remedied without cost or difficulty. The issue is that the crossing guard will always stop traffic whenever anyone comes to cross from either side - regardless of how long ago he/she has stopped traffic . Any traffic control device which allows one direction to cross randomly and at will while stopping the other every few seconds will inevitably lead to terrible backups. The simplest solution would be to direct the crossing guard that he/she must allow cars to travel for at least 45-60 seconds before stopping traffic again. At most, pedestrians would stand on the sidewalk for 40 seconds or so before crossing. At the moment, the guard often stops traffic every 10-20 seconds which impedes any significant traffic flow.

also asked...
Q. On which street and in which direction is the problem occuring?
A. N Peachtree - Headed South to 285
Q. What time of day?
A. 7:15am-8am
Q. When did you first notice the problem?
A. Years ago

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