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Traffic Calming Suggestion


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I am requesting a change in the traffic light and/or the crosswalk signal, at the intersection at Grand Street and Otis Drive. It is extremely dangerous to be a pedestrian through this intersection. I am a very aware and attentive adult when crossing this street, and I am frequently encountering near misses from people making left turns onto Otis Drive from Grand Street. It is a game of Frogger every time, starting and stopping, and dodging the cars to get across the street.

The majority of people traveling on Grand Street toward the bay, turn left at Otis. I am suggesting a left turn signal with a red/yellow/green arrow to be separate from the straight green signal to allow the traffic to flow more smoothly onto Otis as well as to allow pedestrians a fear-free way to cross the street without having to dodge the oncoming left turners. Many, many children are crossing at this notoriously bad intersection every day to get to, and from, Wood Middle School (which now houses 4th and 5th graders as well).

Another option would be to have "pedestrian only" time through this intersection with all lights staying red through the duration of the crosswalk timer.
Thank you for your consideration.

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