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Lincoln Hwy & State St & Us-89 South Salt Lake, UT 84115, USA Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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Utah DOT


Traffic Signals


337 jeer


South Salt Lake

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signs, traffic


Due to added cars on the road, we see pockets of traffic queue up every morning during peek hour some time back up to I-80 main road for north bound right turn to state street. I suggest to allow the middle lane be able to right turn since both the left turn to south and straight lane every morning have no traffic at all, either no cars or only a few. I saw cars not willing to wait and drive in the middle lane up to front and just turn right once lights turns green. The suggested change will allow traffic over there get better and reduce road rage.

sidoo kale waydiiyey...
S. What type of problem did you notice?
J. Other
S. What direction is the problem?
J. Northbound Right Turn
S. What time and day of week did you notice the problem?
J. Every week day

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