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City of Jersey City


Code Compliance: Litter/Illegal dumping


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It is apparent through this app and walking the streets of thriving Jc that we still have a HUGE issue among us and it is the excessive garbage and litter that is seen spewing about EVERYWHERE. Someone on the board please dedicate a crew to collecting the litter off our many residential streets, those from grand street to 4street between Marin and jersey would be a sufficiently start. Or fire the sanitation department staff and hire a new crew. I'm absolutely SICK and TIRED of finding my garbage or recycling strewn about the street the morning after a collection night. I could easily go and throw all of my garbage on the street myself. But that is DISGUSTING. And apparently we pay people to take away our garbage!? So I expect them to do their job. They have ONE job. Collect the trash, I know it's not rocket science but our current trash team seems NOT to understand. It is not pleasant either to walk by the low income housing and find open litter of cigar wrappers and alcohol bottles. Enough is enough.

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Q. Is this a vacant lot?
A. No
Q. Additional Information:
A. HUGE LITTER / sanitation department problem!!!!


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