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Neighbor Stereo Noise Acknowledged

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Hi - I'm not sure how to go about solving this problem. We have neighbors at 15 Winifred who, daily, crank up their outside stereo system to a volume that cannot muffled even if we shut all our windows and turn on the A/C or fan. Contacting them, their landlord or the police has not resulted in any improvement - if anything, they are playing the music more frequently and loudly. Is there a path through the town manager or a neighborhood association that can help us get them to turn down the volume to a reasonable level? It seems like there could easily be a way for them to listen to music outside AND for us to be in our house or yard without earplugs, simultaneously. Obviously we don't want to start a fight. We've lived here for six years without any problems like this before. What is our next course of action?

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