Stop Sign at Washington Sq. N. and Pleasant Street Archived

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Drivers rarely stop. Simply slow down and glide on through. So many close calls for accidents. Frequent honking/yelling/swearing by drivers or pedestrians almost hit. Not sure what would resolve this but worth mentioning. Maybe a look at the whole area would be helpful.

Additionally, cars driving along Washington Square East through Pleasant Street have a tight squeeze due to street parking. Perhaps limit parking where Washington Square East meets Pleasant Street. It seems that this is where a lot of accidents almost happen because cars are parked along the right hand side and drivers proceeding down Pleasant street have to swerve into the oncoming traffic lane where there is a stop sign at the corner.

Hard to describe in a text box...but hope it's somewhat clear...

also asked...
Q. What type of sign is it?
A. Stop Sign
Q. Is this request concerning a new, damaged or missing sign?
A. No


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