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Framingham Center (Vernon/Oak/Edgell) intersection needs to be redesigned Acknowledged

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Framingham, MA


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Traffic in the mornings around Framingham Center can be easily resolved using one of two options. Either by making Oak street a one way street going east vs west with a right turn only onto Edgell or by creating two lanes on Vernon Street from Grove Street to Edgell Road. The back up at that intersection often goes back to the Mad Willies Parking lot.

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Q. Is your request regarding roadways or roadway signage, please provide details for your request.
A. Yes, Oak street should be a one way in the other direction with a Right Turn only onto Edgell road. Traffic in the mornings at the intersection of Vernon and Edgell is awful and can be solved using this as an option
Q. Is your request regarding Traffic Planning and Regulation, please provide details for your request:
A. The other option is to create two lanes on Vernon St leading up to Edgell Road starting at the Grove/Vernon Street intersection

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