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Reporting one (of two) extremely dilapidated buildings on my block on the unit block of P st street NW (in between 49 P street and North Capitol). One of the buildings seems to house in a small portion of it a nonprofit (that i believe offers pre-school and after school care). I know there have been efforts to spruce up a playground in between the buildings, but the buildings themselves are in severe disrepair. There is constantly litter in front of them, the exterior of the building does not appear to have been washed or painted in a very long time, and there are shattered and boarded windows. The second building is even worse. I am not sure there is a single functional window in the entire building... most are boarded, or just shattered and open to the environment. These two buildings are an eye-sore in a community of people working hard to maintain their homes, their sidewalks, and their neighborhood more broadly. They attract litter (last i walked pass, i saw numerous empty beer cans, a dirty diaper, empty food bags, etc...), loiterers, and criminal activity (stolen mail packages have been found there empty of the contents). Beyond the aesthetics, I am extremely concerned about the public health implications of two old, seemingly abandoned and certainly unkempt buildings in such close proximity to my home. I am concerned that these buildings could be a breeding-ground for vermin or birds who carry diseases, that there could be mold or standing water, and that these buildings, if not current, could put us at greater risk for fires. To the best of my knowledge, these are both public buildings, and as such I assume the responsibility of the DC government to upkeep.

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