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Hello, I used the pothole category because there was no sidewalk category. The sidewalk on Water St. between Butler and Perham needs to be resurfaced. The 3 other corners at this intersection were recently done. It is a major safety hazard on this sidewalk. I understand there are no sidewalks on one side on Butler but there are on Water and Perham. there is little drainage on this sidewalk and if anyone needs to use it they are forced to walk on Water street, when it is unpassable due to rain mud etc. I do not understand why 3 corners were done but not the 4th., if anything else it looks horrible. This needs to be addressed before someone gets hurt. I have talked to the town engineer Eric Sheman about this he was very helpful thus far but we need to get this done. Thanks for any help moving forward. Again the other 3 corners look great! the 4th corner resurfaced in the same manor with CONCRETE would finish the job off nice and make this area of Wakefield both look much better and be SAFE for the residents in this neighborhood. Thanks Very much Peter Martin (resident 121 Butler Ave.)

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Q. Is the pothole located on a public or private road?
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