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I use Buchanan to get to work every morning. The traffic lights timing are all off, but the one at Meadows Avenue and Buchanan is the worst. The traffic gets backed up all the way to the grocery outlet some mornings. After sitting in 10-15 mins of stop and go traffic to get up to the light, you see the 2 turn lanes go green. Then the eastbound heading into Antioch gets a green. 2 full mins later some mornings, we get the green to continue down Buchanan towards Kirker Pass Road. This is at 6 AM. I have sat there some mornings with no other cars in any other direction coming, and we still have the red. Some cars just run it, but besides being against the law, it's dangerous. I live off of putnam in Antioch and it takes me an average of 30 mins to go the 4 miles down Buchanan to Kirker Pass Road. I know that we are not supposed to divert into the surrounding neighborhoods, but sometimes there is no other choice. Please consider fixing the timing of this light for the sake of the hundreds of other commuters on this road with me. Thank you!

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