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Can these tags be ran? This Truck was just purchased Saturday, and after 15 minutes of being in the front, I watched two gentlemen switch the temp tag to a Indiana truck plate with the expiration of 04/18. This house is extremely shady and has been reported in the past for vehicles. In the bottom apt alone there is six people living there with two small bedrooms. They have a Black Two door Caddy with a Texas plates, two BMWs(white and black), a black two door mustang with Florida plates, and a maroon F150 also with Indiana truck plates. Plus one more vehicle that's a two door with Illinois plates. I'm not sure of the make. They were talked to before and lied and said they were staying with sick relatives. Then the issue was brought back up and the Black Caddy was told they had 30 days to Indiana plate it, and obviously never did. I don't know what it takes around here to get anything done? Maybe posting here and through social media, might get enough shares to see the BS that happens in this city and I'm sure elsewhere. I'm sure things take time, but then also things are forgot about. It looks more like the second one, because of all of the open or acknowledged issues, especially with parking violations. Some might seem silly or stupid to the admins if this sight, but for your residents it's not.

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Q. Please take picture or give address. Please give short description.
A. House/Apt bottom floor 1222 West Fred Street


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