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Big Pro's conditional use permit was rescinded as of Sept 18. Big Pro as still operating at this location in violation of the city council's decision. The noise and pollution is extreme, bc Big Pro has the lot filled with 10 or 12 cars they are working on. They also use the sole handicapped spot to park the vehicles under repair or inspection, despite repeated requests by disabled customers that they let those with handicapped placards use that parking spot. Also, Big Pro is taking up all the nearby metered spots--without putting any money in the meters. Numerous call to the police non-emergency number have not resulted in any meter reader or officer showing up to ticket Big Pro, so they have no reason to put money in the meters or leave the handicapped spot free. Big Pro says they have no intention of leaving for many months, as their new location is not ready. (But they could easily work on cars outside with hand tools at their new lot, which has plenty of room for it, and they could send the cars that need a lift over to their Oakland location.) The owner of the property has no incentive to evict Big Pro, as he is getting double rent as long as Big Pro stays on, and he can't rent or sell this contaminated rope try to anyone else without an expensive environmental cleanup. If the city of Alameda doesn't get a court order requiring Big Pro to stop operating without the conditional use permit, Big Pro will be harming the neighborhood for another 6 to 18 months.

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