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Storm Drain Maintenance/Flooding


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The retention pond on the back Marsh side of number 15 Plantation green complex is on Association Property. This pound is backed up and NOT draining into the Marsh. Instead it is backing up into our property at 18 Middle Marsh retreat. This was addressed several months back with good results and needs to have a channel re-dug into the east marsh so the retention pond can drain. There is a tree down from Irma that may be on club property that is also blocking the flow of water. Coordination between the Association Public Works and the Club is required as BOTH issues are causing the flooding onto our property. After investing over $30,000.00 on landscape design and construction last December, we are losing significant plant materials due to this on-going flooding issue. You can reach me at 404 229-3143.

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Q. Where is the issue located?
A. Common Property

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