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A place that cries out desperately for traffic law enforcement is the intersection of Fountain Street with Forest Road and Dayton Street in Westville. Drivers on Forest crossing over to Dayton, AND on Dayton crossing over to Forest, run their respective red lights ALL DAY LONG, every day of the week. The situation is particularly bad (and dangerous) at rush hours, because of the volume of traffic, but the lawlessness occurs all day long. (Drivers on Fountain itself are not nearly so brazen, probably because of the staggered cross-street configuration of the intersection, which would require Fountain drivers to blast through two red lights in a row.)

Any pedestrian trying to cross either Forest or Dayton is totally at risk of disaster.

Honk, yell, or call out these outrageous drivers in any other way, and all you get is utter vituperation in return.

This is another Gabrielle Lee tragedy (at the nearby Whalley/Davis intersection last summer) just waiting to happen. And just as predictable.

Nor are drivers themselves any safer than pedestrians.

The whole situation is appalling.

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